From urban climate data to customised patterns

Our services will be deployed step by step and are organized as follows:


First Services

C-Birds Experts : Feasibility/deployment study : 3 months

Definition and sizing of a network of airborne infrastructures and measuring instruments adapted to the type of city and its special climate aspects

C-Birds One (the first balloon in the CLIMATE BIRDS NETWORK), a tethered balloon and a one-off UAS flight campaign : 6 months to 1 year

Delivery of raw data + determination of medium- and long-term climate trends (frequency and intensity of phenomena like heat islands, rainfall, air quality, evapotranspiration, energy loss, etc.)

Full Services

CLIMATE BIRDS NETWORK : deployment of optimal and persistent network of tethered balloons and UAS

Hyper-local characterization of urban micro-climates (district-level mapping) and determination of medium- and long-term climate prediction models

Internet of Climate (IoC) : product available from 2020

Access to a global platform anonymously combining indicators aggregated from different CLIMATE BIRDS NETWORKS, allowing a city to be characterized by comparison with and existing climate model


Key benefits provided by Climate City

Adaptation capacity

Optimize expenses and create long term wealth

Public health

In detail
  • Identify sources of pollution
  • Decrease risks of respiratory and cardio-vascular diseases
  • Improve air quality
  • Improve living conditions
Sustainable and economic developement

In detail
  • Job creation
  • Wealth creation
  • Reorganize the smart city
  • Invent the sustainable city
  • Increase the attractivity of the city
Urban planning

In detail
  • Adapt the cities to local climate risks (floods, heat stresses, …)
  • Optimized investments at the international level

Each city equipped with a Climate Birds Network will welcome a local operation center that is to receive, process and store data. This center will also allow the data to be sent to the Climate City centers dedicated to the research and urban climate modelling.