CLIMATE CITY dreams of establishing the first of four CLIMATE CITY centres in Europe or in North America and creating the only business hub in the world wholly dedicated to the climate economy. This dream should come to fruition in 2019.

An operations centre on each continent will be required to ramp up regional deployment of CLIMATE BIRDS networks and process the data collected from each city and the resulting models.

In addition to local operations centres in each city to operate and maintain CLIMATE BIRDS and collect data, a regional base ‘hub’ is required to oversee CLIMATE BIRDS and to store and process data.

A hub on each continent will be linked to the European research and operations centre to guarantee the excellence of data processing and modelling, and the consistency of climatological findings.


The ANTHONY BECHU firm of architects is a core CLIMATE CITY partner.

It has designed our operations centres as a tangible and positive symbol of research and technological innovation working to protect Earth’s climate.

Renowned worldwide for their extremely intelligent designs, notably for leading universities and business innovation hubs, Anthony Béchu and his partners Luca Bertacci and Clémence Béchu have conceived our operations centres to be functional, upgradable and adaptable to local cultural and political needs.

For CLIMATE CITY, the work of Anthony Béchu, Luca Bertacci and Clémence Béchu gives a foretaste of a new “AIRchitecture” for the 21st century, a new art of building in the spirit of the climate economy.