In december, CLIMATE CITY attended the “ONE PLANET SUMMIT”, organised by Emmanuel Macron in Paris in continuation of the Paris Agreement.

On the 12th of December, President E. Macron was organizing a summit gathering all of the Accord de Paris signatories. For the “ONE PLANET SUMMIT”, almost 4.000 heads of states, governments, mayors of capitals and other decision-maker in the fight against climate change joined together in Paris.  E. Macron welcomed, on the “île Seguin”, these decision-makers but also celebrities such as Marion Cotillard and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together, they strengthened Paris Agreements but they also raised the general public’s awareness on climate change issues.

CLIMATE CITY also mobilized a part of the team to participate to this major event, taking place after the COP 23.

Dorian Penner, Partner & Managing Director of CLIMATE CITY SAS went there to meet several delegations from African countries and carry on discussions started during the COP 23.

Another part of the team wanted to attend to the side event « World Efficency Solutions », The premier international meeting for the low-carbon and resource-efficient economy. The purpose was  to learn more about the multiples projects working against climate change. In fact, CLIMATE CITY is complementarity to these solutions as beyond fighting climate change, it will be necessary to adapt to it. At the  « World Efficency Solutions », many projects were presented to bring smart and sustainable solutions to cities and to their urban planning ; Marion Enderlein (Solar Impulse) took advantage of the event to introduce her association named « World Alliance for Efficient Solutions ». This association aims to highlight 1000 projects offering resilient solutions..

At the end of the day, CLIMATE CITY’s team is more convinced than ever : we must support cities in order to help them establish these solutions for adaptation by giving them the keys to understanding micro climates.