The Climate City Operator offers you the opportunity to become a partner of its development. An opportunity that will allow you to:

  • Be part of a program that helps the world face with climate changes
  • Take part in a major driver of the 21st century: the climate economy
  • Contribute to the advent of an innovative world-system. This system is born in France, and uses existing technical means.


Becoming a strategic partner,

member of the Climate People community and provide financial support thanks to an open innovation or sponsorship agreement.

For a city to become climate change resilient it needs its citizens to be aware of what a key challenge urban climate observation is in the 21st century.
To do so, Climate City wants to explain the urban climate and spread the knowledge its experts has been gathering for two years to every citizen though a program called CLIMATE PEOPLE.
CLIMATE PEOPLE aims at shedding light on the challenges urban climate represents by explaining its specificities and issues. It is extremely important for everyone to realize the necessity to act to conserve their urban environment.
CLIMATE PEOPLE wants to become a worldwide community for urban climate made of ambassadors who will gather citizens of the world.
If you want to sensitize everyone about the stakes of climate change in cities, join our program and become a Climate People.

What does it mean for a city ?

  • Become an actor of our educational web series « Citizen Klimate »
    Your city will be a member of Climate People, a symbol of our involvement for the climate.
    YourcitycouldbethelocationofoneofCitizenKlimateepisodes.Whetheryouwanttohightlighttheissuesof climate change in your area or the links between economy and climate to your citizens, you are the actor explainingthesubjectsthatmattertoyou!


  • Key People for Conference
    Our experts will share their knowledge of urban climate to your urbanists and urban planners.
  • Flying with the Climate Birds
    With your name on a Climate Birds set in your city center, you will show everyone your involvement for the climate.


What does it mean for a sponsor ?

  • Become an actor of our educational web series « Citizen Klimate »
    This web serie will explain differents aspects of the urban climate : What is a heat island ? What is the link between urban climate change and jobs ? To sponsor this web serie means showing that your company is involved for the climate.
  • Key People for Conference
    Our experts will share their knowledge of urban climate during your conferences or seminars.
  • Flying with the Climate Birds
    Your brand image will fly with all of our Birds that will spread in cities around the globe.

Becoming a shareholder of CLIMATE CITY SAS

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