Exclusive seminar in India

Dr Susmita Mohanty,
CEO, Co-Founder of Earth2Orbit, Board Member

Mathieu Weiss,
Managing Director, Liaison Office National Space Agence of France

Roger Solari,
Co-chairman of Climate City SAS scientific committee, speaking during the meeting organised by Earth2Orbit and Climate City.

Friday 20 January 2017 in Bangalore, Indian firm and Climate City partner Earth2Orbit, the French space agency CNES and Climate City organized a seminar on urban climate and air quality issues in India.

This one-day event provided the opportunity for Climate City’s teams to discuss a range of subjects with the Indian science and technology communities.

Preparations for deploying the Climate BirdsTM system over several Indian cities were also discussed. India is set to see 300 cities exceed the million of inhabitants in the years ahead.