The exclusive seminar about the Smart City Selection Program took place on September 20th et 21st in Paris

On September 20th and 21st, CLIMATE CITY organized an exclusive seminar at the siege of the company, Avenue de l’Opera in Paris. This event gathered 22 representatives of countries to continue the discussions started during the COP21.

This seminar, made concrete a year of working within the scope of the Smart City Selection Program.

This program and these two workdays allowed CLIMATE CITY and the countries who were there to consolidate their relationship and to look further into the discussions about the pionnier cities which will be equipped with the Climate Birds Network. We were pleased to share this seminar with the representatives of Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, of India, of Mexico, of the Democratic republic of Congo, of Liberia, of Cambodia, of Haiti, of Japan, of Brazil, of Sri Lanka, South Africa, of Equatorial Guinea, of Georgia, of Ghana, of Guinea and the United States. This kind of privileged meeting will happen regularly, throughout the world deployment of the Climate Birds Network.