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The captive balloon

The permanent captive balloon continuously measures the thermal and dynamic conditions of the atmosphere, providing a sample of the surface state and its thermal response at scales inaccessible to satellites.

These data will be used to improve the accuracy of flood forecasting climate prediction models.

post that analyzes the city at all times

Key benefits
  • Combined measurement of pollutants (gases and particles), wind profile and turbulence of the first atmospheric layer close to the ground, determination of surface characteristics and its thermal signature
  • Permanent monitoring thanks to optical fiber that recovers data instantly.
  • Ability to carry a heavy payload of 31kg composed of various miniaturized instruments
  • Visibility of the ground almost permanent (in comparison with the satellites)
  • Long autonomy in flight
  • Light maintenance
  • Stealthy and silent
  • Very secure, the ball can be brought back or deflated at any time
  • Accredited by the aeronautical authorities.

The drone

The drone is used for the occasional measurement of phenomena on the outskirts of the city and provides a better calibration of urban models. It offers a unique coverage all around the city to monitor all incoming and outgoing phenomena.

Key benefits
  • Track information in all points, at all altitudes and at the right time, which the balloon, satellites and in-situ instruments can not do
  • Search for information on the periphery of information that is advected, incoming or outgoing from the urban perimeter
  • Allows measurements in 3 dimensions and thus to obtain data on the dynamics of the environments, fluxes and sources that induce them
  • Long autonomy of several hours
  • A reference drone for aviation certification services

In partnership with various actors of the civil drone and especially in special agreement with the group MISTRAL, designer of drone Boreal (here in the image).

70 km/h
at 130 km/h
Operation spee

10 hours
of autonomy