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Since its creation, CLIMATE CITY has been aware of the need to raise awareness among public and private stakeholders as to the major challenges involved in anticipating local climate risks and adapting urban areas to climate change. It is in this context that two specific packages (web series and campaign) have been developed.

The “CITIZEN KLIMATE” web series

This is a short programme created by CLIMATE CITY. Its script, filming and broadcasting can be adapted to the challenges of the organisation considering enhancing its efforts in the climate sector through social networks, YouTube or specific and proprietary media.

A fun and educational measurement campaign

This project entails :

  • Deploying a network of small balloons – inspired by Climate Birds – in the main public spaces around the city (gardens, parks, carparks, etc.) or over major industrial sites.
  • Orchestrating a communication strategy around these balloons to insist on the need to observe the atmospheric layers above the city to better understand and predict urban climate changes over the medium and long term and take advantage of this campaign to explain what the urban climate is all about.
  • Provide concrete illustrations of how a climate data sensor works and organise small awareness-raising events around the display of the relevant data as part of CLIMATE CITY processing platform.


  • Campaign to measure phenomena associated with the urban climate.
    This will be based on “visible” sensors whose workings will be explained to the public. Balloons will be used to publicise the campaign.
  • Demonstration of the “web” platform for presentation and modelling of the data collected. This will precede deployment of the C-Birds One system with the aim of making the data gathered in and used more apparent and comprehensible to the various sections of the public.
  • Filming of a pilot episode of Citizen Klimate.