CLIMATE CITY present at One Planet Summit

On 12 December last, French President E. Macron organised a summit bringing together all the signatories of the Paris agreements. This “One Planet Summit” drew in nearly 4,000 heads of state, governments, mayors of capitals and other decision-makers in the fight against climate change.

E. Macron welcomed all these decision-makers to Isle Seguin, along with many celebrities such as Marion Cotillard and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together, they not only consolidated climate agreements, but also promoted public awareness of climate-related issues.

A part of the CLIMATE CITY team also rallied to take part in this major event following COP 23.

Dorian Penner, General Manager of CLIMATE CITY, travelled to Paris to meet with several African delegations and pursue with them the discussions initiated at COP 23.

Another part of the team was keen to be present at the side event “World Efficiency Solutions”, the first international meeting on the low-resource and low-carbon economy. The aim was to learn about the various projects under way to combat climate change. CLIMATE CITY is very much a complementary force in the fight against climate change since it also addresses the need to adapt cities to mitigate its impacts. Many projects provide intelligent and sustainable solutions to cities and their urban planning. On this note, Marion Enderlein (Solar Impulse) took the opportunity to talk about her association “World Alliance for Efficient Solutions”, which aims to promote 1,000 projects proposing resilient solutions.

Following these meetings, the CLIMATE CITY team is even more confident of one thing: we have a duty to support cities in the application of effective solutions for adaptation by providing them with the essentials needed to understand their particular microclimates.