Cities are living entities always changing, they are faced with numerous global issues.
Climate change affects  differently cities as their organization are specific to each of them. Today these changes are little known, yet, 5 billion new people are moving to cities every month and 60% of what will be urban in 2050 is not yet built. It is essential to better understand the evolution of climate change in cities in order to adapt and build resilient cities.
To do so, CLIMATE CITY developped the first global system to monitor urban climate : CLIMATE BIRDSTM.
For cities to become climate resilient the first step is to raise awareness about how climate change is harming them.  CLIMATE  CITY  developped  a  program  dedicated  to  companies  and  public  authority  to  sensitize  citizen  from the whole world : CLIMATE PEOPLE.

Its aim is to bring within everyone’s reach knowledge about urban climate :
  • Web  series  « Citizen Klimate » : This series will explain in short episodes the specificities of climate change in cities and the phenomena it creates (heat islands, floods, heat waves..)
    By  joining  or  sponsoring  CLIMATE  PEOPLE  cities  and  companies  will  show  they  are  involved  and  a driving force in the adaptation to urban climate changes. Cities can become the shooting spots of our episodes while sponsoring companies will have their brand image in the credits.
  • Key People for Conference : Experts of the urban climate will be available to intervene in conferences or seminars organized by members of CLIMATE PEOPLE.
  • Flying  with  the  CLIMATE  BIRDSTM :  We  will  equipped  cities  with  a  balloon  to  represent  their involvement in the program while sponsoring companies will see their brand image on every balloon installed in cities around the globe.

To invest in CLIMATE PEOPLE means becoming a member of the worldwide community gathered to make a change for urban climate.