CLIMATE CITY present in November at the COP22 and Les Respirations global air quality forum

November 2016: two venues and two events focused on climate.

The Les Respirations conference will be taking place at the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris on 15 November. Organized by chair Thomas Kerting and delegate general Mathilde Lorenzi, this global forum is the first conference wholly dedicated to air quality. Les Respirations brings together political, economic, academic, legal and NGO stakeholders for a series of roundtable discussions on air quality.

This year there will be three sessions dealing with air quality: a first session on health with a roundtable entitled L’airvironnement : Comment l’air nous rend malades ? (Airvironment: how is air making us ill?), a second on indoor air entitled Du bâtiment basse consommation au bâtiment bonne respiration (From low-energy to clean-air buildings) and a third on outdoor air called Faire respirer la ville intelligente (Air for smart cities to breathe).

Last year’s winner of the forum’s Grand Prix Générali, Climate City will be present at Les Respirations again this year, where its team will be sharing a stand with the Anthony Béchu firm of architects, a partner and friend of Climate City.

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In Marrakesh from 7-18 November, the COP22 will be taking up where the COP21 left off in Paris in December 2015. Climate City will also be in attendance at this event of international importance that will be pursuing discussions on measures to curb climate change that have been ongoing throughout this year. One of the main aims of the Paris Agreement is to limit the mean rise in global temperature to less than 2°C with respect to the start of the industrial era. Many nations, including China, the United States and France, have now ratified the Paris Agreement. The threshold of nations responsible for 55% of greenhouse gas emissions has therefore been reached and the Paris Agreement will come into effect at the start of the COP22.

The challenge facing this latest Conference of the Parties is to translate the consensus reached in Paris into action. Omar Hilale, Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has presented the COP22 as “the conference of action, innovation and sharing of solutions that must work to implement the results of the COP21 by getting all government and non-government stakeholders to step up their efforts.”

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